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Date: May 6, 2012 Author: adm Categories: News, Our Services 0


Thank you for your interest in holistic healthcare for your beloved animal companions.

When we agree to take on your beloved animal companion as a patient we also agree to support your family though many potentially difficult decisions. Our goal in life is to make this world a better place one day and one family at a time. We feel we are succeeding.

Having said that, we feel compelled to discuss a very emotional topic in the medical field, one that receives much attention specifically in the animal loving world. This is the topic concerning the question: Do doctors truly care about their patients healing capabilities or do they just consider their profession to be another job, and if so are they just in it for the money? This question is asked quite frequently out in the world. For instance, while attending ubiquitous events such as dinner parties where animal loving people are trying to find some peace of mind concerning this emotional and very important topic. We have heard many complaints about how the medical field has changed for the worst over the past 10 years. There has been much discussion recently over pharmaceutical companies causing more disease due to side effects and addiction. Combined with the medical profession’s substitution of suppression of disease in the place of true healing, a debate has been ignited, forcing many people to take responsibility for their own healthcare as well as for the healthcare of their animal companions. The concept of overall lifestyle change in order to promote health and happiness, especially in the United Sates Healthcare system, seems to be lacking. If you have seen the movie “Sicko” you know what we are talking about here.

We do not know if the profession has really changed or if possibly peoples’ attitude about what they expect from healthcare professionals in general has matured. We do believe that many people expect more and are doing more research on their own in order to ensure they know all their options so they can make truly informed decisions about both their own and their families healthcare. There is much valuable information available these days on the Internet and in other literary forms that have been prepared by well trained exceptionally qualified individuals. Obviously, one must always research the research and check your references to ensure accuracy of information. This is just smart and instinctual for most. We think this is fantastic and long overdue. We believe we could all learn a thing or two from James Harriett about compassion and slowing down in our lives. We also believe it is true to say that many medical professionals do not have the open-mindedness that we feel is essential for true healing. We both, even as veterinarians, have experienced numerous rather disappointing encounters with  veterinary colleagues where they have either refused to help us in our efforts to heal a patient due to what we believe to be a competitive attitude or simply a disdain for our method of practicing medicine, a reality that deeply saddens us. We can only imagine how animal owners/guardians feel when they are left in the dark about the decision making process or simply treated with disrespect by their veterinarian. We apologize for the profession if you have experienced this in the past. However, at the same time we know there are many amazing doctors out there that have devoted their lives to healing you and your animals. You have been challenged with the task of finding them by doing your research. We have the luxury and honor to be surrounded mostly by  fellow holistic practitioners through IVAS, AVCA, AVAC, AVH, AHVMA, and RCVS. These organizations promote the expansion of many forms of knowledge including both new and ancient healing methods in a positive and supportive manner. Without these exceptional organizations, veterinarians like us would be alone on the journey to discover and grow as healing professionals, a task that would no doubt be so grueling for some that we would surely loose exceptional people along the way due to sheer exhaustion, both mental and emotional. We truly believe we all started out caring a lot and practicing veterinary medicine because we loved animals and wanted to help. Unfortunately, there is something about business and life that spoils many people. At the same time, we also know many spoiled people can be healed and find happiness and with time, if we work together, we can create a new, better, and more understanding style of healthcare.

Our style of practicing holistic medicine may not be for everyone and at the same time there is not a person or animal that we have consulted with that we have not helped in some way. We both look forward to fostering a professional and at the same time very personal relationship with your family. If our philosophy does not feel right for you please continue your research because the perfect match does exist and you will find the doctor of your dreams if you are persistent. We became veterinarians because we believed we could make a difference and we are making that difference every day. Remember to be conscious and to make your difference every day, in your way. Thank you again for your interest in holistic healthcare. Please be well on your journey and remember  YOU HAVE TO BREATHE!


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