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New Patient


Hello and Welcome to Healing Touch Vets,

Thank you for choosing our holistic care for your beloved animal.  We look forward to fostering a professional and at the same time very personal relationship with your family. We became veterinarians because we believed we could make a difference and we are making that difference every day. The below list of prices and services are for your information in order to better help you plan for and be prepared for our experience together. Thank you again for your interest in holistic healthcare.  Please have any recent x-rays (you may check them out from the hospital but you must return them after our visit), ultrasound or other imaging reports, lab work such as blood, urine, cultures, ACTH stimulation test results as well as any other recent diagnostics performed, and all recent exam notes from your previous Veterinarian exams available for review. Each in-office visit our doctors will perform either Acupuncture / Tuina / Chiropractic / Energy Treatment or a combination of the above dependant on the animal and the evaluation results. Homeopathic options and nutrition will be discussed as well.

Below you will find the New Package Information Form for quick download.

Please email, mail, or fax all information / copies / signed agreements to us:


Mail:      14474 Dicken6s Street Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Fax:       888-324-401