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Cancer Rising

Date: May 6, 2012 Author: adm Categories: News 0


Cancer in our pet population, why is it on the rise? There are no requirements for veterinary medical doctors to collect and to report statistics of the different companion animal cancers. However, a review of the pet insurance records did show that of the four most common cancer in humans-breast, lung, prostate and colon, only breast cancer was common in dogs. Breast cancer occurs in cats less frequently than in dogs but when it does is > 90% malignant adenocarcinoma. For animals the most common tumors are soft tissue sarcomas, for example, in muscles, joint tissues and nerves. While the most common cancer in our companion animals, soft tissue sarcomas are found in less than 1 % of the human cancer patients. So, what are the differences between people and their pets? If for discussion purposes we were to consider the later findings of the pet insurance records; that the most common tumors of companion animals are the soft tissue sarcomas. We could query as to why this fact occurs. We can agree that the lifespan of the companion animal is much less than the average life span of the human caretaker. In such, ten generations of a companion animal’s family line could possibly be experienced in the length of one generation of the human caretaker. In this way, generations of genetic damage can be acquired over a relatively short period of time. Not only do companion animals live a shorter lifespan, if they develop a malignant cancer the doubling time of the cancer mass is much shorter. Therefore, a malignant tumor can run the full course of cancer in a much shorter time. In many discussions, the cause of any cancer is unknown, as in human breast cancer. In 95% of human breast cancer cases the etiology or cause of the cancer remains unknown. However, the cause of soft tissue sarcomas in animals is now, well studied and now understood. The resultant findings of the Feline Vaccine Sarcoma Task Force show a clear correlation to vaccine administration and cancer formation. In l999 the WHO named the veterinary vaccine adjuvant a grade 3⁄4 carcinogen, with four being the most carcinogenic. The adjuvant identified is aluminum hydroxide, a component of most of the currently used veterinary vaccines. An adjuvant used also in human vaccines. . . Adjuvant is not the only way to transmutate a body’s genome. Environmental poisons and toxins, viral oncogenes, proteins, drugs, nutritional deficiencies, hormones or mimickers and disruptors of hormones, geophysical forces, ultraviolet radiation, electromagnetic forces, we are finding out thousands of ways to cause genetic mutation. Protecting one’s DNA from transmutation is a current topic of health interest. Reversing damage done to the DNA an ongoing source of research funding
. What the research tells us is in animals is that adjuvant, in this case aluminum hydroxide, stimulates an inflammatory reaction and therefore creates oxidative stress that results in a mutation of the p53 suppressor gene. The p53 suppressor gene is supposed to help the body stop malignancies by suppressing tumor growth. When p53 is doing its correct job, it is a nuclear transcription regulator. The integrity of the genome is guarded by many policemen. However in this case, the result is a loss in translation so to speak. When a mutation of p53 occurs, malignant tumors results Not understanding gene theory and that the genetics of any individual is constantly up for change by the very nutrition we ingest and every stressors we are exposed to leads one to have a misunderstanding that it is difficult to mistune the genome of an weakened immune system……… even after birth. In this case there is no question as to the causation and effect; aluminum hydroxide often leaves its calling card in the biopsy specimens the telltale blue grey foreign body. The mark of the beast so to speak also claims the cancer as the result of the intrusion of this foreign substance. Now, this one example leads to the question and then the realization that not only the cat but other animals, the ferret and the dog all get vaccine injection site soft tissue sarcomas. Studies have shown the vaccine to have caused the sarcoma in the dog and the ferret. Cancers are found in injection sites that resulted from the vaccine, as well in other areas not directly the vicinity of the injection site. Not only are the soft tissue sarcomas from the vaccines, so are most of the other tumors as well. Documented cases of lymphoma have resulted in patients developing vaccine injection site fibrosarcomas. Once it is understood that the integrity of the genome has been compromised via immunosupression, inflammation, adjuvant, modified live viruses, protein incorporation, poison or neurotoxin injection all , I repeat all of which occurs via the hypodermic inoculation at the time of vaccine administration, you must question the reason why vaccines are used so frequently if at all. Vaccination as we all are now aware is lacking in any scientific evidence for long term safety or studies that it does not produce chronic disease as a trade off for the missing acute disease. For that matter, we have no proof that the vaccines do not cause the bulk of every haywire out of control cancer cell growth that goes by unsuppressed. In this case we find the proof that vaccines can and do cause malignant cancer. The yearly administration of the “mumbo jumbo” that vaccine based veterinary practices all over the United States have made a custom and a burden to the companion owning public was never scientific nor even an evidence based medical procedure. In fact, the custom, because that is all this has turned out to be, was the unscientific, unresearched and unwarranted musings of a roundtable discussion among veterinarian members of the AVMA. We have no information what if any role the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the vaccines may have played in those “musings”.
This medical hubris and the consequences have yet to be fully realized. The unforeseen collateral damages done to our patients as of yet unacknowledged. Lacking any scientific validation, the veterinary medical institutions of our great nation essentially turned out veterinary doctors to work as needle jockeys. Many practices still use this cancer causing medical procedure even now, with recommendations to not vaccinate needlessly coming from the AVMA, AAHA and the AAFP. Without informed consent and without full disclosure, veterinary medical doctors in every state continue to burden the client with vaccination reminders and the patient with immune assault. Culpable responsibility against the veterinary medical doctor needs to be litigated. Medical hubris does not excuse the veterinary medical doctor whom vaccinates the patient presenting for some symptom or illness and is in fact a direct violation of the FDA regulations on the very use of biologic products. The consequential research preformed from our major veterinary vaccine researchers has proven the in vivo mutagenicity of vaccines, the generation of auto anti-bodies and auto- immune disease, the degenerative diseases, the endocrine diseases, neurotoxicity and seizures of vaccine administration, allergies, asthma and the continued evidence of cancer . All of the internal medicine cases we see are well described vaccine induced disease. Vaccination has proved to be a big business for the veterinary medical doctor and insures job security for the needle jockeys. Big Pharma and the vaccine makers also benefit, cancer treatment is big business. Having a diagnosis of cancer means expensive drugs, possibly surgery and chemotherapy if treated via conventional medicine. Don’t forget the surgeons, there has been over a 150% increase in young women diagnosed with breast cancer choosing bilateral mastectomies, the more surgically aggressive therapy. Now would be a good time to introduce the not so shocking recent admission of a Pharmaceutical CEO that any pharmaceutical or drug has at best 35% efficacy in the general population due to the genetic diversity within the human population. 35% effect is near placebo effect! Dr. Candace Pert in her Cd “Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind” will explain how no drug is effective long term and how the down regulation of the receptor of that drug has ultimately more serious consequences. An important paper published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology performs a met analysis entitled “The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy in 5 year Survival in Adult Malignancies”. The objective of the paper was to accurately quantify and assess the actual benefit conferred by chemotherapy in the treatment of adults with the most common malignant cancers. All three of the authors are oncologists. One of the authors is also on an official body that advises the government in Australia on the suitability and efficacy of drugs that can be listed in the national Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (roughly the equivalent of the United States FDA, Food and Drug Administration).The meticulous study determined that in Australia chemotherapy protocols were 2.3% effective and in the United States they were found to be 2.1% effective.
Chemotherapy is cell poisoning, but isn’t that already accomplished with the injection of the vaccine? No the vaccine transmutates the genome and assaults the immune system. The treatment for this disease is often worse that the disease itself. A study took place among the pet owning clients of cancer victims, the “quantity” of time left for the cancer patient was not as important as the “quality”. Chemotherapy gives you neither. One veterinary medical doctor in Norway, using a one acupoint acupuncture technique to treat malignant breast cancer with over 75% success, has found that recovered cancer patients have approximately 12 substances in their blood, peptides that was not found in the blood of non recovered patients. His passion to follow this treatment option out met with little interest from the pharmaceutical companies. He had to self finance the testing of the substances. The substances are more effective in stopping growth in even in the Tamoxifen resistant breast cell cultures. How much money could be made off the use of the acupuncturist administering a one needle technique? The substances in the blood of the woman receiving the acupuncture treatment are of great scientific importance; after all we are talking about the successful treatment of malignant cancer! If vaccines were not dangerous with adverse reactions and devastating health consequences, then they would not have originated a National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. This is available for humans harmed by vaccines. The Veterinary Vaccine Injury Compensation Act has been called for by a pathologist at Colorado’s Veterinary Medical School. The same oncologist that sat on the Feline Injection Site Sarcoma Task Force and one whom has witnessed these sarcomas and the difficult and unsuccessful they are attempted to be treated. What needs to happen is that not only vaccine injury needs to be recognized and acknowledged, it needs to be reported. The owner has to be the proactive one for their pet’s benefit; it doesn’t look good for the profession carrying that banner. The medical hubris of both the medical and the veterinary profession needs to be done away with. Conventional treatment in not claiming victory for health, but perhaps that is the goal of conventional medicine, of whose foundation is in the business of drugs and vaccines and surgery. The treatment of cancer is not likely to be found in conventional medicine. The multilevel multifactorial causation made complex by the medical industrial complex will not find the answer. Conventional wisdom will not allow conventional medicine to find an answer to cancer because it would not be profitable to do so. As said by Albert Einstein “We can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created the problems”. Of course, we have to get the medical community to see the problem first. Getting everyone to see that the emperor is not wearing any clothes is a feat in itself. Getting medical doctors to stop a practice that feeds their wallet, well that it is what it is. Tearing at the profession who claims to be the “compassionate profession” may only be heard if there is another way to still get paid while enacting compassion. The privilege that comes with a license to practice medicine obviously comes with the right to cause harm and with no consequence when it is the standard of care within the profession.
A wholistic approach is needed in order to address the disease in the “whole” population. TCM and Homeopathy are two important medical systems that attest to the presentation of the “individual”. Using an Integrative approach is also necessary. Only integrative practitioners integrate the being back into the mind-body-spirit trilogy of its personal picture and therefore it’s individual expression of this biological conflict. In closing, I would have the following words for the naysayer that they could have possibility been a part of this medical conspiracy to push the agenda of Big Pharma and have single handedly ruined the health of those very patient’s of whom were entrusted into their care? Dr. Phillip Kass, at the Discussion among other Feline Injection Site Sarcoma Task Force, presented these words of wisdom from Sir Austin Bradford Hill from the l965 Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine ” Finally in passing from association to causation I believe in “real life” we shall have to consider what flows from that decision. On scientific grounds we should no such thing but in another more practical sense we may surely ask what is involved in our decision. All scientific work is incomplete, whether it is observational or experimental. All scientific work is liable to be upset or modified by advancing knowledge. That does not confer on us a freedom to ignore the knowledge we already have or to postpone the action that it appears to demand at a given time”……… Dr. Phillip Kass continues with,.” you can’t always wait to have irrefutable scientific evidence before you have to take some sort of action, the vaccine associated sarcoma is a real phenomena and the cost of waiting and doing nothing is much greater than the cost of acting now.” As far as the need for action now, I point out one of the references from the Fallacy of Vaccination paper by Jonathan Pitcairn, Forty-Five Years of Registration Statistics, Proving Vaccination to Be both Useless and Dangerous, by Alfred R. Wallace. LL.D., second edition, London, 1889, p. 38, Third Report of the [British] Royal Commission appointed to inquire into the subject of Vaccination, Minutes of Evidence, Government Publication, London, 1890, p. 34, q. 7713 Well, that is the medical profession of whom I am not brethren. The veterinary profession can and needs to make the right directional move on this vaccine debacle. To ignore this issue is to commit malpractice. If a member of the profession does not understand this, let him honor the Hippocratic Oath, adopted by the AVMA,
The veterinary Hippocratic Oath upon most of our profession was sworn into the profession, professes Being admitted to the profession of veterinary medicine, I solemnly swear to use my scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge. I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics. I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.

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